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“​Not only does a clean vehicle positively impact your brand but it protects your investments as well.”

Cedar Rapids Truck Fleets

​Whether you’re delivering priority packages, fresh food, beverages, or common freight; your company vehicles are the first line of advertising for your company. Most often than not, a consumer will gather an impression for how a business is run, by the way its trucks appear on the road. So, don’t leave first impressions to chance. Instead, try Power washing Cedar Rapids IA! With us, you can be confident that your company is looking its best. 

Not only does a clean vehicle positively impact your brand but it protects your investments as well. Clean vehicles mean safer vehicles because the cleaner they are, the easier they are to inspect and maintain — and to spot on the road. Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule removes corrosive agents like salt, oil, and grime – extending the life of your vehicle’s exterior paint and undercarriage. However, not all cleaning agents are created equal. It’s important to use biodegradable and non-corrosive cleaning agents to protect your fleet, the environment, and your wallet from costly regulatory fines. Every job is different and needs to be assessed prior to cleaning-like the type of equipment, quantity of equipment, frequency of cleaning, availability of water, need for wash water recovery, type or degree of cleaning required, when the fleet is available for cleaning, etc. Whatever your need is, we have the right solution for you!

So what are you waiting for? Keep your equipment looking spotless wherever it goes. Advertise your stability and success with a clean image! Call us now and let our extensive experience help you provide a clean impression!

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